lazearmackLazear Mack is an Oakland-based employment law firm whose attorneys have been dedicated to creatively and aggressively resolving their clients’ legal issues for decades.  Depending on your individual needs, our services may include consultations and advice, representation before and during litigation, settlement negotiation, and/or initiation of litigation.  Seasoned trial attorneys can see you through trial.  Should you have need of appellate representation, Arthur Lazear is a veteran of both federal and state appeals courts, having represented many individual and class clients throughout the appellate process.

Lazear Mack has represented employees in all types of employment-related claims including discrimination (based on age, sex, race, national origin, disability, marital status or sexual orientation), sexual harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation for whistle-blowing, breach of contract, fraud/misrepresentation, nonpayment of wages, and denial of family leave.

The Oakland firm has represented clients in state and federal court throughout the Bay Area, and has brought cases successful conclusions in the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Marin, Santa Clara and San Mateo, among others.

al_400x500Arthur Lazear has practiced law for more than 30 years, helping to obtain successful results for worthy clients nationwide. Mr. Lazear has prosecuted some of the biggest class actions ever litigated in employment law, but has never abandoned his level of personal attention to each client, which is the firm’s hallmark.

Mr. Lazear’s father was a janitor, an immigrant from Ukraine who worked nights in a tireless effort to provide his children the hope of a better life, that they might realize the American Dream. The example set by his father inspired Mr. Lazear’s lifelong commitment to protecting and enforcing the rights of working men and women at the hands of unethical or careless employers. He began his career appearing at arbitrations, on behalf of labor union employees, including steelworkers, communications workers, federal government employees, and of course, janitors, completing more than 100 labor arbitrations in his storied career.

In the Continental Can cases, Mr. Lazear, along with Dan McIntyre, an in-house counsel for the Steelworkers, represented hundreds of workers at plants nationwide who were discriminated against by being laid off illegally to defer or deny their entitlement to pension benefits, in violation of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). The two spent late nights poring over hundreds of pages of documents until they found proof that the company had unlawfully denied its workers their pensions through a complicated scheme of improper layoffs. The case was brought to fruition, and Mr. Lazear and his co-counsel were able to hand each of the affected workers a check for those pensions.

In the Pacific States Steel case, which Mr. Lazear had litigated since 1979, the details of which he still oversees, Mr. Lazear fought successfully to force the company to pay hundreds of steelworkers’ their promised lifetime medical benefits. After their plant was shut down, he was able to secure the land and the plant itself as collateral against the amounts owed the many pensioners. After convincing the United States District Court to forced the company to turn over to the plaintiffs the large piece of contaminated property in Union City, California, which had held the plant, Arthur Lazear’s diligence ultimately saw the land remediated, sold, and developed into 800 homes, with tens of millions of dollars in proceeds distributed to the plaintiff class.

Having tried dozens of employment cases to verdict, Mr. Lazear has also fought for employees’ rights at the California Supreme Court, at the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, and at numerous other courts in California and nationwide.

Mr. Lazear has not only helped empower employees in the workplace, but has tried to verdict complex matters relating to medical malpractice, commercial disputes, and land use. The common theme of Mr. Lazear’s high-quality, diverse representation is that he works to make a positive societal impact in every case.

Mr. Lazear has trained generations of lawyers how to practice law and how to write persuasive arguments, and his briefs are often used as teaching tools in law schools. He is native of New York, a graduate of the University of California-Berkeley and Boalt Hall School of Law, and remains an avid Cal and East Bay sports fan. Mr. Lazear is married to Angela Lazear, an Oakland native and firm employee, and they have two children.

mm_400Morgan Mack has practiced law in Oakland and the Bay Area at large, for almost 20 years, helping to obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in damages and settlement awards for deserving clients nationwide. Mr. Mack has worked closely with his clients to produce a number of the largest class action settlements ever achieved in employment law, while maintaining his devotion to actualizing the best possible result for each class member.

Mr. Mack was raised in a culture of advocacy for those in need, his mother an accomplished school-teacher, his father a civil rights attorney and professor with a long history of substantial pro bono litigation over the years, including work with Martin Luther King in Chicago, Cesar Chavez and Ralph Abascal in California, and Joseph Rauh in Washington D.C. Growing up in this environment instilled Mr. Mack with a devotion to protecting the rights of working men and women.

Working with the renowned Oakland law firm of Hoffman & Lazear, Mr. Mack tried numerous employment cases to successful verdicts and fought for workers’ rights in numerous courts in California and nationwide. Mr. Mack has not only helped empower employees in the workplace, but he has extensive experience litigating complex matters relating to consumer rights, medical malpractice, contractual disputes, and family law. He represents clients on an individual basis and through class actions. First working for Arthur Lazear, and now working along side him, Mr. Mack is committed to protecting his client’s rights while making a positive societal impact in every case.

Mr. Mack, raised in Washington D.C., graduated from The Colorado College and Hastings College of Law. Mr. Mack lives with his wife and two young boys in Sausalito, California.

Angela Lazear has worked in the legal field for over thirty years, beginning her career as a legal secretary with Nebeker, Stoops & Sharon, a small boutique firm in downtown Oakland, comprised of some of the best legal minds in the business.  Tasked with paralegal work within the first few months of her employment, Angela rapidly learned to love the judicial system, eventually becoming both an office manager and a certified paralegal.  In the mid-eighties, she began working at the firm’s Oakland Tribune offices with Arthur Lazear in the field of labor law.  Shortly after her employment, the firm reached a landmark victory against Continental Can Company in a pension fraud scam, and Angela was tasked to serve as the administrative contact for the class members.  This role provided her the opportunity to bond with the class members as the case progressed to victory, and to personally distribute pension benefits to the clients at the conclusion of the case.  Handing checks to pensioners who would otherwise have had no relief, provided her with what remains perhaps her favorite career moment, because it was her first experience with the realization of a hands-on enactment of justice at its best.

Ms. Lazear continues to find the law rewarding, in that it provides that personal connection with clients who may be in need of a voice to redress their grievances.  Helping to improve the lives of others is what drives her, and at Lazear Mack, where the advocate process always puts the needs of the clients first, she knows she is part of a team that will do whatever it takes to ensure that each client receives the personal attention that is the firm’s signature.

On a more personal note, Ms. Lazear is a third-generation Oakland native, whose family has long-standing ties with judicial history.  As a result of her grandfather’s close working relationship with local law enforcement, Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren often dined with the family, and she was exposed early in life to colorful stories of justice, politics, and governance.  A devoted patron of the arts, Ms. Lazear has served on several not-for-profit boards. She is a past-President of the Board of Directors for Alameda Civic Light Opera, whose LIFTTS internship program provided experience in the practical and technical theater arts for at-risk high school students.  Many of these students have come back to recount how their time with ACLO provided a positive impact.  Ms. Lazear is also an award-winning theatrical costume designer, having worked with various Regional Theaters in the Bay Area for over twenty years.  She is the author of the popular online food magazine East Bay Food Scene, which is dedicated to spotlighting the resurgence of Oakland as a destination spot for a great fine-dining experience.  Ms. Lazear is married to Arthur Lazear, and the couple has two children.

Christine Chigbu is a Bay Area native who has traveled extensively. She spent her summers in highschool living in Biarritz, France where she lived with a host family and studied french. After highschool she moved to London, England where she studied Communications and Art, Design and Media at Richmond American International University. During her time in London she was immersed in English culture while she worked at local pubs and studied.
After University Christine moved Boston. She took classes at Harvard Extension School and was accepted into law school at New England Law Boston. It was there that she completed her law degree. Christine is now back in California and is preparing to take the California Bar Exam.

Client Testimonials

From BONNIE P. in Hayward, CA
I never expected to need a lawyer, but found myself in an awkward – and upsetting – conflict with my employer. I found Lazear Mack via Yelp reviews. I feel so fortunate to have worked with these inspiring people. This is The Dream Team of labor law – not only did they provide excellent information and advice based on years of experience, but also successfully negotiated a settlement without having to go to mediation. Arthur is astoundingly compassionate and innately deescalates situations with gentle voice and subtle humor. Morgan consumes all data and analyzes for best strategy. Angela keeps it all together, regularly touching base with status reports. Their motto, stenciled on the door, says it all: “Practice with a Purpose”.

From MIA A. in Oakland, CA
I have needed professional legal counsel for several issues and Arthur and his team have been available to assist with my needs.  Morgan and Arthur have shown the utmost compassion and integrity with my current situation, whether it is a reassuring telephone call or an office visit to go over paperwork.  Angela Lazear is amazing – helping me navigate appointments and countless documents.  Morgan Mack and Arthur Lazear are kind and patient.  The entire team has kept me apprised of all aspects of my case, and have explained every step of the way in that a “non-lawyer’ can understand.  It is a pleasure to work with consummate professionals who actually care about the well-being of the client and not just the case.  I would recommend Lazear Mack to any friends and family were were in need of any kind of legal assistance.

From JULIE K. in Oakland, CA
I cannot more highly recommend Lazear Mack for anyone needing legal support with employment matters.  From the first phone call to the resolution of my case, I was treated with the utmost kindness and professionalism.  Arthur and Morgan are superb people and seasoned experts in the field.  I had never had to retain a lawyer and had no idea what to expect.  I had no idea I would emerge from the experience so thankful for the help I received. I’m so glad I found my way to the firm when I needed them.

From BRITTNI M. in San Leandro, CA
I found Lazear Mack on Yelp and I decided to give them a call to see if I had a case. From my first call, to visiting them in their office and to the very end of my case, the whole team had been very helpful and very nice. They always updated me on everything and I always felt like they genuinely cared every time I spoke with them. If you are looking for someone to represent you for wrongful termination this is definitely the best choice.

(I called other offices before I got to this one, and this is the only one that made me feel like they really wanted to help me.)

From MICHELLE D. in Hayward, CA

I had a claim against a former employer and was scared and embarrassed to go to anyone and talk about it. I found Lazear Mack on Yelp and the following day I was scheduled to go into their office and talk about my case. Lazear Mack is very professional, understanding, knowledgeable and most of all down to earth. Right away I knew I was in good hands.
Another bonus is Angela! She got back to me ASAP whenever I had questions. She listened to me vent, she always followed up to inform me of where my case was standing.  if she didn’t know the answer she would find out, she is the backbone/glue for the attorneys.
Overall in a nutshell if you are seeking Employment Attorneys, look no further Lazear Mack have your back…..oh and thanks to them I ended up receiving a satisfactory settlement award.

From SHELLEY M. in Fremont, CA
After many, many years of employment, I found myself in a situation that I never saw coming.  I was in such turmoil, not knowing what to do. I have never needed an attorney and didn’t even know if I had a case…and to complicate matters, this all was happening during Thanksgiving week, so I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to reach anyone.
I contacted the firm of Lazear Mack, for no other reason than their yelp reviews. I was not disappointed. Morgan promptly called back and made time for me to come in the very next day.
Both Morgan and Arthur met with me, listened attentively to my issues and explained more about the labor laws than I would have ever known.
Obviously, they successfully handled my case, but what I really appreciated was their care and concern for my feelings and what I did and did not want.  I really cared about my former employers, so taking a legal route was very sad and overwhelming at times. My case included some issues that I was not comfortable in using, even though, financially, it would have been  to my benefit.   I greatly appreciated  that their concern and respect was for my wishes rather than just monetary gain.
Through it all, they were always in contact with me, Angela would call and send messages to make sure I was ok, Morgan would call me back even on his days off…
If you are the kind that needs, not only legal help, but also care and concern and a real personal interest, you will be hard pressed to find a better team.