Dynamex Decision & California’s Gig Economy Face Off. What, exactly does the recent Dynamex decision by the California Supreme Court say about the current status of evaluating the classification of employees versus independent contractors? California is often at the forefront of legal trends when it comes to evolving and improving  employee rights in the workplace.  […]Continue reading

No Jury for You Most employees expect their employers to treat them fairly. They work hard; they get great reviews on their performance. Everything is going great. Then something happens. A supervisor begins to discriminate against them. When they experience such discrimination, employees believe they have the right to sue their employer for violating their […]Continue reading

The Spreadsheet A short time ago, an anonymous spreadsheet began circulating among television professionals. The author was seeking to collect an aggregate salary profile for actors and writers within the industry. This crowd-sourced effort surveyed individual experiences, thus providing a snapshot of current salary information in the industry. They hoped that members of the profession […]Continue reading