Alvarado v. Round Table, Santa Clara Superior Court, 18-CV-332752 -a complaint for sexual harassment in employment.

Collins v. Brookdale Senior Living, claimant is alleging wrongful termination and pregnancy discrimination.

M.G. v. City of Palo Alto, claimant is alleging wage and hour violations and employee misclassification

Katz, et al., v. Atticare  Alameda Superior Court No. RG17861043, a proposed class action alleging multiple wage & hour violations

Ariel McBean v. Team Industrial Services, Timmons; Contra Costa Superior Court MSC 19002278; claimant alleges sexual harassment, wrongful termination and use of “revenge porn”

Noller v. Calphin Aquatic Club – Alameda Superior Court RG18900137, a proposed class action complaint for wage & hour violations

Phillips, et al., v. Vitas Healthcare, Sacramento Superior Court,  34-2017-00212755-CU-OE-GDS,  a proposed class action alleging multiple wage & hour violations

Michael Stapleton & Associates v. Cox, Alameda County Superior Court RG19012423 Cross-complaint for wrongful termination and whistleblower violations

Walls v. Concord Honda, Contra Costa Superior Court No MSC18-01432, a claim alleging sexual assault by a sales representative

*This list does not reflect our entire caseload, as confidentiality may prevent us from listing some cases publicly.


Among the following are cases that have been settled out of court, the details of which are confidential.  If unfiled, the names have been changed for anonymity and exact amounts of settlement may have been altered slightly, in order to identify only the general claims while maintaining the privacy of the identities and exact settlement amounts.  They are there merely to provide a general idea of cases resolved in plaintiff’s favor.


Lay, Tu v. Southwick, Inc. dba Toyota – Alameda Superior Court RG17874304, a proposed class action alleging wage & hour violations

C.X. v. Marriott, a complaint alleging sexual assault & harassment, CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT

Senior v. American Reprographics;  Contra Costa Superior Court, No. C18-01744; a complaint for sexual harassment by a manager, CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT

Arrayga v. Jeffrey Culver DDS, Alameda Superior Court RG18896981, a claim for wrongful termination; wage & hour violations

Reyes v. SFBAG Employee Benefit Insurance Services, SFBAG Insurance Services San Francisco Superior Court #CGC-18-565485, a claim alleging pregnancy discrimination, CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT reached November 2017

Ambelgar v. Thurmallai LLC dba Commodore Hotel,  Alameda Superior Court RG18897005, a claim for wage & hour violations, CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT reached November 2017

Burns, J. v. Vitas Healthcare – Sacramento Superior Court No. 34-2017-00212226 – a whistleblower retaliation claim, alleging multiple wage & hour violations – CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT reached September, 2017

Minor I.H. v. Oakland School for the Arts  USDC No. 3:16-CV-05500 – a claim alleging sexual harassment of a minor at school. CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT reached February, 2018

Cassidy, et al., v. Unnamed Bay Area Hyundai Kia – a case involving alleged wrongful termination and retaliation claims CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT reached March, 2018

Milichichi v. Dublin Auto Body Shop  Alameda SC RG16843712  – a claim alleging wrongful termination and violation of ADA/FMLA. – CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT reached March, 2018

Rosales, G. v. Admiral Security Services –  Alameda Sup. Ct. RG16842585, a claim alleging wage & hour violations, CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT reached December, 2017

Davies v. Cork Supply USA – Solano County Superior CourtFCS047164, Female Supply Chain Specialist seeking to secure fair compensation under California’s Equal Pay Act, CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT reached December, 2016

Desai v. Employer in Motel/Hotel Industry– a claim alleging wage and hour violations for on site live-in employees who performed motel management duties

Canada v. Williams, Alameda Superior Court RG18905473,  a claim for wage & hour violations

Carter v. United Airlines, an employee’s federal civil rights lawsuit against the airline for the corporation’s failure to address racial harassment in the workplace upon plaintiff’s discovery of a hangman’s noose at his workstation.

Ingraham v. Family Support Services  USDC 4:17-CV-00012  – a claim alleging ADA violations and discrimination in employment practices.

Rahimi, N. v. ABC Motor Company  – a claim alleging sexual harassment in employment.

Kehrlein v. Local Farming Industry Group – a claim alleging whistleblowing retaliation, wage & hour violations.

Hayes v. Oakland Unified School District – RG16812910 (Alameda County Superior Court) a claim for racial harassment; plaintiff discovered a noose on her desk at her place of employment.

Meliza M. v. Dynasplint, – a claim for pregnancy related discrimination; wrongful termination.

Sanford v. A.S. Solutions, 17-CIV-00812 (San Mateo Superior Court), a claim for disability and racial discrimination. CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT

Sayedi v. Signature Parking – Contra Costa Superior Court No. MSC18-00990,  a proposed class action alleging multiple wage & hour violations – CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT

Allegra Csyani & Sarah Emsaki v. Zabu Zabu Restaurant – Ala.SC RG14716211 – a Confidential settlement of claims alleging tip-theft and unlawful wage computations.

Michelle B. v. Defendant in Housing Industry  – a Confidential settlement of claims for pervasive sex harassment and assault, approximately $125,000

Daryll B. & William D. v. Auto Industry Retailer – a Confidential settlement of claims for race discrimination & wrongful termination, approximately $42,000

M.G. v. Defendant Private School a Confidential settlement of claims for race & national origin discrimination. approximately $45,000

Bonnie P. v. Software Industry Defendant – a Confidential settlement for claims of wrongful termination, intellectual property violations, approximately $80,000.

Brittni M. v. ABC Dental Group,  a claim for race based and pregnancy related discrimination; wrongful termination; Confidential settlement reached, approximately $28,000.


Perry v. Jim Freethy Excavating, CCSC C16-01960, a proposed meal & rest break class action on behalf of a group of construction workers

Lardner v. Smith & Nephew, Alameda County Superior Court RG11599266,  a proposed class action CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT

Bull v. Cargo Force  Alameda County Superior Court RG15758331, a proposed class action aiming to recover wages lost due to falsification of time records and denied meal and rest breaks, CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT

Gilson v. Bay Area Beverage Co. Contra Costa Superior Court MSC16-01150, a proposed wage & hour class action for meal/rest breaks.

Sampang v. CFS Insurance Services (Cypress Lawn), Solano County SC CIV 516382  – an action on behalf of a proposed class of employees who were denied earned commissions, and pay for hours that they were required to work.

Torres v. Sage Specialty Center  Alameda County Superior Court RG16804641, a proposed wage & hour class action on behalf of a group of veterinary technicians – CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT reached September, 2016

Contreras v. Bank of America, a purported class action filed on behalf of personal bankers, asserting that they were misclassified as exempt from wage and hour protections.

McLendon v. Continental Can (D. N.J. — National) and Amaro v. Continental Can (C.D. Cal. — California), won hundreds of millions of dollars for former steelworkers, who had been unlawfully laid off in an attempt by their employer to prevent them from attaining eligibility for pension benefits. National settlement was approximately $420,000,000.00

Kahle v. Pacific Bell; Kelly v. Pacific Bell; Critzer v. Pacific Bell (All N.D. Cal.) a series of cases in which millions of dollars was collected for groups of telephone company workers who had been wrongly classified by their employer as exempt from overtime compensation.

Asmus v. PacBell, where Mr. Lazear argued before the California Supreme Court that an employer should be held to its promise to continue employing workers who had agreed to stay with the employer when it needed their services.

Walker v. Macy’s (N.D. Cal.), where a settlement was achieved of $3.5 Million for a class of buyers who had been denied benefits.

Burns v. Merrill Lynch; Garrett v. Morgan Stanley; Bahramipour v. Citigroup (N. D. Cal.), a group of cases filed on behalf of classes of stockbrokers who had been misclassified as exempt from certain labor laws and had thus been denied benefits to which they were entitled. Hundreds of millions of dollars were collected on behalf of these classes.

Nelson v. Essex Properties (Alameda County), where a settlement was obtained on behalf of maintenance workers at residential properties who had not been paid for hours that they were required to remain “on call” for their jobs.

Bailey v. Accor (San Francisco), where a large settlement was obtained for motel employees who had been misclassified as “managers” and denied overtime benefits on that basis.

Piert v. Consolidated Routing (Alameda County), a case that resulted in a judgment after trial awarding employee benefits to messengers who had been wrongly classified as independent contractors.

Terrones v. Pacific States Steel and Cordoza v. Pacific States Steel (N.D. Cal.), a case that was in litigation for 20 years, while Mr. Lazear worked with the federal court to obtain lifetime medical benefits for a group of retired steelworkers. The court and the firm worked with experts and local officials to convert a defunct steel mill, and the contaminated land where it was located, into a beautiful residential neighborhood, complete with 800 homes, parks and schools. The proceeds from the sale of the homes were used to pay for the medical benefits for hundreds of the plant’s retirees.

Chu v. Wells Fargo (N.D. Cal.), an action filed on behalf of an alleged class of stockbrokers, asserting that they were mis-classified as exempt from wage and hour laws, and seeking recovery of overtime pay and other benefits. Settled for approximately $4,500,000

Clark v. Chasen (N.D. Cal.), a sex discrimination and harassment case where a full bench trial was held following a precedential ruling from the 9th Circuit court of appeals. The client was awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars after trial.

Radd v. Directors Mortgage (Contra Costa County), a sexual harassment case brought on behalf of a female mortgage broker against her employer where, following extensive discovery and investigation, the employer was persuaded to settle for approximately $1.2 million.

Carr v. Starbucks (C.D. Cal.), where a class action was filed on behalf of managers and assistant managers working at Starbucks establishments throughout California, resulting in a settlement of $14 – 20 million dollars for the workers.