The Issues Potential clients often call us with stories of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior at work. These narratives may include descriptions of a really “handsy” supervisor, or crude comments by a co-worker.  People also describe “harassment” that isn’t unlawful at all.  Whatever their stories, people call us with the hope that we may be able to help. Many of these […]Continue reading

Am I being harassed at work? We receive numerous calls from employees concerning their treatment in the workplace. Many of those who call feel they are working daily in a “hostile work environment”. They believe they are being harassed. While often horrific for the employee, these situations often lack the factors necessary to support litigation against the employer.  The offending employer […]Continue reading

Severance Agreement on the table: Now what?  Many of our callers are recently terminated employees seeking guidance. Thus, we are frequently asked about separation agreements that they have been asked to sign, and how to negotiate. Whatever reason for your dismissal, when presented with a Severance Agreement you may not fully understand, the right question is always, […]Continue reading